Месечни архиви: April 2016

Trending toward the unknown unknowns

The world is one big trend — actually a billion interdependent micro-trends. We are surrounded by them. Everything that has more than one data point has a corresponding trend. Unsurprisingly, the media is obsessed with trends. Quality journalism is being buried under an avalanche of listicles enumerating trends.

As an IT executive, it is critical that you stay on top of the trends that really matter. Unfortunately, there is a trend toward executives spending too much time on unimportant trends. Next-generation leaders will need to become masters at trend triage: figuring out how much time and resources to allocate to which trends. 

The anger trend

Marian Salzman, a fellow futurist and CEO of Havas PR North America, told The Economist in December 2010, “Anger is the color of the zeitgeist, and anyone who isn’t tapping it risks appearing out of touch.” Looking at the political discourse in this election year five years later, it would seem Salzman was on to something. But do IT executives have to tap into that anger? 

Truth be told, for seasoned CIOs, a useful skill is not so much managing their own anger as it is managing the aggregate anger and disappointment of those outside of IT. 

Source Article from http://www.computerworld.com/article/3050008/it-management/trending-toward-the-unknown-unknowns.html